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AAD DataDerm Clinical Registry
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AAD DataDerm Clinical Registry - Practice Improvement Exercise

The American Board of Dermatology (ABD) has determined that participation in AAD’s DataDerm will satisfy CCP Part IV requirements. One Quality Improvement (Part IV) activity must be completed in the first 5 years of each 10-year CCP cycle and another in the second 5 years of the cycle.

Active participants in DataDerm demonstrate their commitment to quality improvement. Consequently, these Diplomates are eligible to benefit from this arrangement with the ABD. Diplomates don’t need to take any additional steps to fulfill this requirement. The following information will be shared with the ABD through the Diplomat’s AAD CME transcript; full name, AAD Member ID, and e-mail address along with the language “DataDerm CCP Part IV Participant 2019” (date will change each year).  No data from individual or cumulative DataDerm submissions will be shared.  DataDerm participants can opt out of this opportunity.

Although Diplomates are only required to satisfy the Part IV component once every five years, as long as Diplomates remain an active participant in DataDerm, this information will be shared with ABD each year.

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