MDS Exam Sample Virtual Dermpath Items

The 2021 American Board of Dermatology MDS Subspecialty Exam will include approximately 20 questions featuring an embedded virtual dermatopathology (VDP) viewer, to simulate reviewing slides under a microscope. To help candidates prepare for this portion of the exam, the ABD prepared a set of five sample VDP questions. Diplomates may return to these sample items as often as necessary to practice with the VDP viewer used on the exam.

For best results, and to simulate the exam day experience, access this exercise from a computer using the CHROME or FIREFOX browser. It is not recommended that diplomates use a mobile phone or tablet to practice since the exam will not be administered on those devices.

The five items contained in this exercise are not intended to represent the content included on the exam, or the expected level of difficulty of the questions.


Opening the Scan:
The EXHIBIT link within each item launches the associated virtual scan.
          Note: The virtual scan appears in a pop-up window. Users may need to disable pop-up blockers to access the exhibit window. 

To zoom with the mouse, hover the pointer over the area of interest and scroll up on the mouse wheel. 
To zoom with the screen-based tools, click the + button in the top left corner. Click on the image and drag it over to re-center it, as needed. 

Panning Around:
To move the slide, use a click and drag technique: place the pointer over the area of interest, press and hold down the mouse button, then move the mouse while still holding down button.

The orientation box in the lower left corner demonstrates the screen view relative to the full slide or tissue section.