About CertLink

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The American Board of Dermatology has transitioned Continuing Certification (previously Maintenance of Certification or MOC) assessment activities to CertLink®.

CertLink is an assessment platform that combines longitudinal assessment and lifelong learning. Some of the items cover new information, based on recent scientific publications. Others provide a review or reminder of essential dermatology information. The process is both educational and evaluative. There is no additional cost to participate.

Here’s how it works:
Diplomates (ABD-certified dermatologists) log onto a secure portal to answer 13 questions every 3 months.

With CertLink:

  • You have 10 minutes to answer each question.
  • You may answer all your questions in one sitting or over multiple sessions throughout the quarter.
  • You have access to recently published articles on the latest dermatology research and best practices.
  • You may use written or online resources while you are answering the questions (although you may not get help from or discuss questions with another person).
  • Once you have submitted your answer, you are notified immediately whether your answer is right, and you get an explanation (rationale) for the correct answer.
  • If your answer is incorrect, you will get the question again the next quarter, and if you respond correctly, the previous incorrect answer will not be counted toward your final score. Basically, you get credit for learning something new.
  • You may take a quarter off once a year if you need to, but you must elect time off before the end of that quarter.
  • You get CME and self-assessment continuing certification credit for answering questions.

Here’s why medical specialty boards, including the ABD, are transitioning to this method:
Longitudinal assessment involves administering shorter assessments of specific dermatology content repeatedly over a period of time to help individual dermatologists increase their understanding, knowledge, and skills. CertLink is being used by several ABMS Member Boards to create self-paced online programs for professional development that integrate learning and assessment into the pace of daily life.