CertLink Tips for Success

CertLink Tips for Success

Prepare Environment

Update Safe Sender List

Add the following addresses to your email ‘safe senders’ list:



You will receive important information and reminders from these addresses.

Technical Requirements

  • CertLink has requirements for browser version, internet speed and security settings. Click HERE for details.
  • Browser popups must be enabled to view articles.
  • Design your assessment from desktop or laptop computer, instead of a tablet.
  • After designing your assessment, you may download the CertLink mobile app (for tablets only) from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. The app is not yet configured for smart phones.
  • When prompted, run the System Check shown here to ensure an optimal experience. You can also access this check from the ‘Need Help’ menu.

Run System Check Img

Read Articles Before Starting Questions

There are THREE places to access your articles. It is vital that you read each article BEFORE proceeding to your questions. The article is NOT presented at the same time as the question. Once you click to start answering a question, you will have 10 minutes to submit your answer. Read all system messages while taking your assessment to ensure you do not miss and important warning or instruction.

The following images illustrate the various opportunities for accessing the articles.


During the Assessment Design Process

Assessment Design Img


On the Assessment Details Page

Assessment Details Img


Immediately Prior to Answering the Question

Question Details

Answering Questions

Answer one question, or answer them all, it’s up to you! Just be sure you have at least 10 minutes to answer one question.

Once you start a question, you must submit an answer. Be sure to read the article before starting article-based questions.

Answer Question Img


Viewing Images

Many questions include associated images. The image thumbnails that appear with the questions can be enlarged. 

View Images


Forgot Your Password?

CertLink users can securely retrieve their own passwords using the automated ‘Forgot Your Password?’ tool.  

Forgot Password Img

More Information

Additional resources are available to guide you through CertLink.


Click HERE for an extensive library 
of questions and answers.

Click HERE to see CertLink in action.



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