ABD Focused PI Modules for CCP

Focused Practice Improvement Modules

The American Board of Dermatology is pleased to offer diplomates
free focused Practice Improvement modules to fulfill CCP requirements.
These modules are designed to be impactful on your practice and easy to complete.

Completing a Focused PI Module requires the following:

Read the activity description to determine if it is a meaningful exercise for your practice.
Read the recommended references, if desired.
Perform the initial Practice Assessment chart review.
If your practice is already in compliance with the goals of the activity, attest to this, and no further review is necessary.
If your practice is not in compliance, make the necessary changes to your practice and then repeat the Practice Assessment chart review in the time frame described.

Click here to access our library of free Focused Practice Improvement modules. 

Completing a Focused PI module fulfills the Practice Improvement requirement and provides 25 Self-Assessment credits.