CertLink Registration Open through Nov. 15

If you’re not already taking advantage of the learning opportunities of the American Board of Dermatology’s CertLink program, now is your chance!
Register here now through Nov. 15 to start receiving questions in January.
The ABD has retired the high-stakes, proctored Maintenance of Certification Exam in favor of CertLink as the only assessment tool offered for continuing certification.

What is CertLink?
CertLink is an assessment platform that combines longitudinal assessment and lifelong learning. Some of the items cover new information, based on recent scientific publications. Others provide a review or reminder of essential dermatology information. The process is both educational and evaluative. There is no additional cost to participate.
Diplomates participating in CertLink will be:

  • Asked 13 questions per quarter, for a total of 52 questions per year. Diplomates will receive a mix of article- and image-based questions and may use written references and online resources while answering them. To receive full credit, diplomates must answer their 13 questions before the end of each quarter.
  • Asked follow-up ‘clone questions’ based on questions answered incorrectly during the previous quarter. Clone questions will repeat the concepts covered in questions answered incorrectly. If diplomates answer clone questions correctly, their previous incorrect answer will be eliminated. Clone questions are in addition to the standard 13 questions per segment.
  • Permitted to take one quarter off per year without penalty, using the “Time Off” feature. If a diplomate opts not to take a quarter off, his/her lowest scoring quarter during that year will be thrown out.

Fulfilling your exam requirement is not the only benefit of participating in CertLink. You also receive self-assessment and CME credits. (The AMA will grant one CME credit per CertLink article-based question, up to 12 credits per year.)

When do I have to start participating?
If you took your last MOC exam before 2019, then you must start CertLink in January 2023 -- if you don’t sign up during the current enrollment period, then the ABD staff will sign up for you.
If you took your MOC exam in 2019 or later, you must start participating in CertLink in January 2026.
To find out for certain when you are required to start participating in CertLink, log in to your profile at abderm.org and click the orange “My MOC” button. Choose “My CertLink Enrollment Timeline” from the menu to get information about your specific requirements.

But why wait?
Almost 85% of all ABD diplomates are already participating in CertLink. Here’s what they say about it*:  

  • “I am very happy with the platform and support its full adoption as a replacement for the seated exam. It feels more relevant, less stressful, less expensive, and more suited to both ongoing learning and addressing knowledge gaps.”
  • “I loved the list of articles that was provided in the first quarter. [The articles] were extremely relevant and I read many even if I wasn’t going to answer the questions about the specific article.”
  • “I think CertLink is much more relevant for keeping clinicians up-to-date, and it is better for helping clinicians take great care of patients, which should be our ultimate goal as physicians.”
  • “I am very pleased with this format of maintaining certification versus paying for an expensive review course and stressing over the general dermatology section.”

*Diplomate quotes were collected during a survey of CertLink users in July 2020.

If you have questions, take a look at this Perspective that answers the most common CertLink questions our staff members get from diplomates.
Also, the ABD staff is available to address your questions.

Contact us via phone (617.910.6400 x 2) or email (certlink@abderm.org).








































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