ABD Directors Approve Strategic Plan, Update Mission, Vision Statements

The American Board of Dermatology Board of Directors has approved a five-year strategic plan, focused on advancing excellence and promoting distinction in dermatologic care.

The ABD reached out to all diplomates through surveys and focus groups to learn what issues are most important to dermatologists and their patients. We also reached out to officials of other ABMS member boards.

A Strategic Planning Committee, comprising 12 volunteers, presented a draft of the plan to the ABD Board of Directors in June and made changes based on those discussions. The final plan was approved by the Board on December 6, 2022.

The discussions affirmed the spirit of the ABD’s mission and vision, but the wording was refreshed to reflect ABD’s purpose and impact more sharply. These are:

Mission: To serve the public and distinguish the profession by certifying that diplomates have the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality, safe, and effective dermatologic care.

Vision: Advance excellence in dermatologic care and improve outcomes for patients of all backgrounds.

The four strategic goals are:

  • Cultivate and strengthen our partnership with diplomates and trainees.
  • Support diplomates’ ability to compassionately and effectively treat patients of all backgrounds.
  • Distinguish the value of ABD certification.
  • Enhance governance processes and effectiveness.

A set of focused activities for each strategic goal has been developed by the Strategic Planning Committee that outlines how each goal will be advanced over the next two- to five years. Details are available here.

As part of the ABD Executive Staff’s commitment to engaging our diplomates and other audiences more fully, the ABD will update diplomates as progress is made in these areas.

























The ABD's new strategic plan focuses on advancing excellence and promoting distinction in dermatologic care.