MOC Exam Details

When:    April 1 - May 31 and September 1 - October 31
              (excluding Sundays)

Pearson VUE testing centers
After a candidate’s application is approved, candidates will receive instructions on how to register with Pearson Vue to select an examination date and testing center. To find a testing center near you, go to

Remote Proctoring

A limited number of candidates may take the exam via a Remote Proctoring option, provided their personal computer (in their home or office) is properly equipped. Read our Remote Proctoring overview for more information.

The examination consists of two modules:
All candidates are required to take the 100-question General Dermatology module. The General Dermatology module consists almost entirely of images with the accompanying question, “Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?”. Some questions may include a brief amount of clinical information designed to help differentiate among the five possible answers. This is a 2-hour computer-based examination.

Candidates choose a second 50-question module: Medical Dermatology, Dermatopathology, Pediatric Dermatology, or Surgical Dermatology. Some of the questions are image-based but not all. This is a 1-hour computer-based examination.

The study guide for the MOC/Recertification Examination will be available in the Diplomate’s ABD profile in November, the year prior to the exam. The study guide contains a list of 198 conditions from which the General Dermatology Module 100-image questions will be drawn as well as 100 multiple-choice questions for the self-selected 50-question modules (Medical, Dermatopathology, Pediatric, or Surgical).

Requirements to Apply to Take the Examination

To apply, login with your username and password. Diplomates who do not know their username and password can call the ABD office at 617-910-6400 x1 or email the office at

There is no application fee for diplomates participating in Maintenance of Certification (MOC). 

For diplomates not enrolled in MOC, the application fee is $900. Checks or credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Discover, or VISA) are accepted. 

Application/fee deadline for SPRING examination: February 1 - March 15.
Application/fee deadline for FALL examination: July 5 - August 15.

Diplomates are required to register for two modules. General Dermatology (100 image-based questions) is required plus one of the following 50-question modules: Medical Dermatology, Dermatopathology, Pediatric Dermatology, or Surgical Dermatology.

Required application supporting documentation:

    1. Copy of currently valid, full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States or Canada.
    2. 75 hours of Category 1 dermatology-related CME for the three years prior to the examination.
      (This documentation is NOT required for diplomates participating in MOC).

Mail or EMAIL supporting documentation to:
Thomas D. Horn, MD, MBA, Executive Director
American Board of Dermatology
2 Wells Avenue
Newton, MA 02459
Tel: 617-910-6400

Notification of performance on the examination will be emailed to candidates approximately 6-8 weeks following the final day of the examination.

Diplomates with Subspecialty Certification (Dermatopathology, Pediatric Dermatology)

Subspecialty MOC subcertification will be linked to primary MOC: completed MOC requirements for the primary certification will be accepted for the subspecialty certification.

If you hold a subspecialty certificate, you may take the recertification exam in sync with the recertification of your subspecialty certification, by taking one additional module.

Diplomates who opt to sync are required to complete 3 modules for the exam:

Dermatopathology: General Dermatology (100 items), Dermatopathology #1 (50 items) and Dermatopathology # 2 (50 items)

Pediatric Dermatology: General Dermatology (100 items), Pediatric Dermatology #1 (50 items) and Pediatric Dermatology # 2 (50 items)

Contact the Board office at 617-910-6400 x1 for more details and to discuss the possibility of taking the recertification exam in sync with the recertification of your subspecialty certification.

Once enrolled in MOC, diplomates are required to pay $150 annually. When applying to take the next MOC/Recertification examination at the end of the 10-year MOC cycle, there will be no additional examination fee.

Diplomates with time-limited certificates may apply to take the MOC/Recertification examination any year in which it is offered. However, for official completion of the MOC process, candidates must take and pass the MOC/Recertification examination in years 3-10 of his/her ten-year cycle.

Diplomates with lifetime certification may elect to pursue voluntary recertification in any year the examination is offered. We are beginning to see the first practical steps taken by insurers to link reimbursement to participation in maintenance of certification (MOC) programs. Additionally, the Federation of State Medical Boards is preliminarily considering linking licensure to participation in MOC. Any questions or correspondence relating to the MOC process should be directed to the Executive Director of the American Board of Dermatology.

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