ABD Honor Code

At the time of applying or registering for an ABD examination, all candidates are presented with and asked to agree to the American Board of Dermatology Honor Code. On Exam Day, candidates are asked to reaffirm their agreement with the Honor Code. 

The Honor Code is provided on this page for your advanced reference. 


I, the undersigned, understand that this examination and all test questions have been copyrighted by the American Board of Dermatology, Inc.(ABD) and are the exclusive property of the ABD.  I will not, without the written consent of the ABD,  retain, copy,  reproduce, disclose, discuss, share, reveal,  or distribute any  questions or any other part of this examination, including memorized, reconstructed, and partially or fully recalled items.  Likewise, I will not circulate any proposed or otherwise suggested answers to these questions for exam preparation or any other purpose without the written consent of ABD.  I will also not disrupt, or threaten to disrupt, any ABD examination in any way.

I attest that all statements that I make to the ABD concerning my training, licensure, eligibility to take the examination, and other relevant facts have been truthful and non-misleading.  I further attest that I will notify ABD in writing (a) if I become the subject of any disciplinary action by a State Board of Medicine, (b) if I am charged with criminal conduct,  (c) if I am barred or suspended from participation in any federal health care program, or (d) if any other development occurs which might reasonably call into question my entitlement to Board certification.

I agree to disqualification from examination, to denial of issuance of a document of Certification to me, and to forfeiture and redelivery of any document of Certification granted me by the ABD in the event (a) that any of the statements made by me are false, misleading, or materially incomplete, (b) that I fail to cooperate with the ABD in any investigation, or (c) that I violate any of the rules and policies of the ABD.

I understand that if, after investigation, ABD has good reason to believe that I have engaged in cheating or irregular behavior in connection with the examination, whether or not such behavior had an effect on my performance, ABD may invalidate my examination, revoke my certification, and bar me from retaking the examination in the future.  I also understand that ABD may require me to retake one or more portions of the examination if the ABD is presented with evidence that the security of the examination has been compromised, notwithstanding the absence of any evidence of my personal involvement in such activities.

I will report to ABD or to the proctor at the examination any incident that I suspect may involve cheating or an attempt to cheat on the examination.

For exams for which study guides are provided:  I understand that study guides, including test questions and digital images, provided by ABD for exam preparation are copyrighted by the ABD and are the exclusive property of the ABD.  The ABD grants exam candidates permission to download the study guides for their personal use for study and exam preparation only.  Questions in the study guides may be discussed with other exam candidates.  I understand that any other use, reproduction, or distribution of the study guides is prohibited without the written consent of the ABD.  I will maintain downloaded study guides in a secure manner to prevent unauthorized access or distribution.  I understand that giving unauthorized access to, or distribution of, study guides to others as a result of my negligence or my deliberate action may constitute copyright infringement. 

I hereby hold the ABD, its members, examiners, officers, and agents free from any complaint, claim, or damage arising out of any action or omission by any of them in connection with my application, any examination given by the Board, any grade relating thereto, the failure to issue me any Certificate, or any demand for forfeiture or redelivery of such Certificate.  I understand that the decision as to whether I am eligible to sit for an examination or qualify for a certificate is within the sole discretion of the ABD.  I further agree that any suit that I may bring against the ABD or its members, examiners, officers, or agents will be brought in a court located in Cook County, Illinois, and I hereby agree to service of process upon me out of a court in Cook County. 

For exams taken during training or for initial certification:  I understand that my training director may receive selected results of the examination and/or other information relating to the examination.  I hereby authorize the release of my results and other information.

I understand that on the day of the examination, I may be required to reaffirm that I agree to the above statements and conditions, and that if I do not, I will not be allowed to proceed to the examination. 


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