2019 Online Practice Exam - For 3rd Year Residents

2019 Online Practice Examination  (for 3rd year Derm Residents)


March 11 - March 29

We are pleased to offer programs the option to administer the exam in the manner most convenient for them. You may choose from the following administration methods:

 Option 1: Remote Proctor
- Residents take the exam on a webcam-equipped computer in a private location of their choice.
- The exam may be taken any Tuesday – Friday (4:00 am – 10:00 pm eastern time) between March 11 – 29. This ensures the availability of technical support from our exam delivery vendor.
- Residents from the same program must take the exam on the same day.

Option 2: Local Proctoring
- Programs proctor the exam locally at their institution, in a similar manner to previous administrations of our In-Training Exam (ITE), with all residents taking the exam together in a single room.
- The exam may be taken any Monday – Friday between March 11 – 29.
- Programs do not need to reserve a date in advance.
- Residents from the same program must take the exam on the same day. 

We will permit interested programs to do a mix of remote and local proctoring. However, all residents must take the exam on the same day, regardless of the method of proctoring. Programs opting for this mixed administration may not give the exam on a Monday since our vendor's remote proctoring system is not available on Mondays. 

Refer to our Exam of the Future Information Center page to learn more about this exam. 


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