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Jan 23
Applications for the SPRING MOC/ReCert Exam
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Apr 1
MOC/Recert SPRING Exam: April 1 - May 31
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Apr 10
ITE - Not Offered in 2018
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May 15
2017 Dermatopathology Exam -Application Deadline
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Jun 27
Applications for the FALL MOC/ReCert Exam
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Jul 10
2017 Certification Exam: July 10-13 / July 17-20
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Sep 1
MOC/Recert FALL Exam: Sept 1 - Oct 31
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Sep 11
2017 Dermatopathology Subspecialty Exam
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Jun 1
2018 Ped Derm Exam - Application Deadline
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Oct 12
2018 Pediatric Derm Subspecialty Exam
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