New Practice Improvement (PI) Activities


The American Board of Dermatology is making it easier for diplomates to complete the MOC Practice Improvement (MOC Part 4) requirement. A workgroup is developing focused exercises to assess relevant practice gaps and provide a focused look at a particular patient population or disease state. Completing two such focused exercises in a 10-year cycle fulfills the Practice Improvement (Part 4) requirement.

These exercises require diplomates to review up to 5 patient charts and respond to 3-5 YES/NO questions.

These are not pass/fail exercises. If the responses demonstrate no margin for improvement, no further reviews are required. Otherwise, a diplomate will consider the results, make changes in practice and re-assess up to 5 additional charts.

Exercises are provided, at no charge to diplomates, via the ABD’s MOC Educational portal.

This new component of the online portal launched in January 2016.

There are currently 20 focused PI modules available, with more in their final stage of development.

Given the simple template for these exercises, societies of all sizes can use their expertise to design similar impactful PI exercises. 

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New offerings for PI

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