MDS Subspecialty Certification Approved

The ABD is pleased to announce that the ABMS Board of Directors approved the creation of the Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery (MDS) as a subspecialty of Dermatology at its meeting on Friday, October 26.
The American Board of Dermatology submitted an application to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) requesting the creation of a new subspecialty in Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery earlier this year. As with all such subspecialty filings, there was a public comment period this summer, where diplomates and other stakeholders provided feedback to ABMS about the possibility of a new ABD subspecialty.
Candidates for the Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery subspecialty certification must:
1. Possess a current, valid, full and unrestricted license to practice medicine or osteopathy in at least one state or province within the United States or Canada;
2. Hold primary certification in general dermatology from ABD;
3. Be up to date in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) if certification by ABD is time-limited;
4. Demonstrate experience in the subspecialty by:
          successfully completing the ACGME-accredited MSDO fellowship
          during an initial 5-year practice pathway eligibility period only, attesting to practicing micrographic surgery;* and
5. Pass the MDS certification examination.
* The self-attest eligibility practice pathway is available during the first five years in which the exam is offered. After this time, any dermatologist who wishes to become certified in MDS must successfully complete the ACGME fellowship in MSDO to be eligible to sit for the subspecialty certification exam.
Non-time-limited (“lifetime”) general dermatology certificate holders who wish to become certified in the Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery subspecialty will need to sit for the new subspecialty certification exam. If they pass the subspecialty exam, they will earn a time-limited MDS certificate and enter MOC for the subspecialty. Non-time-limited certificate holders will not be required to take the General Dermatology module of the MOC Exam to maintain their new MDS certificate, but must fulfill all other components of MOC.  In addition, their general dermatology certificate will remain non-time-limited. 
To learn more about the new MDS subspecialty and what it means for the ABD diplomate community, please visit the FAQ page on our website.


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