Exam of the Future: 2018-2019 Administration Overview

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Please be advised that with the implementation of the American Board of Dermatology's Exam of the Future format for certification, the In-Training Exam will not be offered after 2017.

In 2018 we will offer:

The BASIC Exam (for first year residents) on Thursday, April 12.
- This is an informational exam (not pass/fail)
- This exam will be administered at institutions, in a similar manner to the In-Training Exam. 

A practice version of the CORE Exam (for second and third year residents) on Thursday, March 8
- This exam is offered to help residents prepare for the traditional Certification Exam in 2018 and 2019, in place of the In-Training Exam. 
- This exam will be offered via Remote Proctoring, allowing residents to take the exam from a private home or office location. 
- This exam is similar in length and content to the current ITE. 
- For purposes of evaluating resident progress, this exam is functionally the same as the ITE
- The major difference between the ITE and the CORE Practice is the method of proctoring. 

In 2019 we will offer:

The BASIC Exam (for first year residents). Date TBD. 

practice version of the CORE Exam (for third year residents). Date TBD. 

The CORE Exam:
- March (weekend: dates TBD): second year residents
- July (Thursday: date TBD): third year residents
- November (Thursday: date TBD): third year residents 
* Third year residents will have another opportunity to take the CORE in March 2020 (weekend: dates TBD). 

We prepared an infographic to demonstrate the exam administration pathway for residents through 2020. 

Exam of the Future: 2018-2019 Administration Overview

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