CertLink® Enrollment Open Through November 15

ABD Diplomates not already enrolled in CertLink may sign up now through November 15 to begin taking questions in 2022.

CertLink is the ABD’s alternative to the traditional, high stakes exam for continuing certification. Enrolled Diplomates access a secure portal to answer 13 questions every 3 months. The process is both educational and evaluative. Written references and online resources may be used while answering the questions and immediate feedback is provided. There is no additional cost to participate.

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Why enroll now?

Many diplomates currently enrolled say CertLink is a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest dermatology advances. Here are some comments from a July 2020 survey of CertLink users:  

  • Certlink is great! Very useful knowledge review and much less stressful than retaking board exam.
  • The platform was user-friendly, the questions were relevant, and the articles to read were truly key articles in the dermatology field.
  • It really motivates me to study, and I am so happy I enrolled in it.
  • I really like the articles chosen. I also like the fact that missed questions can be readdressed in the next round of questions.
  • Certlink does a good job assessing knowledge without stress but also stimulates some thought and teaches you with the articles.
  • I love that I can do this from home. Much better than having to take off work and fly somewhere to take an exam.

Critical comments were also received during the survey, which helped the ABD improve the platform and exam questions. For example, some participants had suggestions about using sharper images, clarifying instructions, fixing technology issues, improving some of the questions, sending more frequent reminders, and other useful ideas that the ABD is working on.

Surveys will continue to be part of CertLink so that diplomates can participate in its evolution as a useful tool for life-long learning.

About CertLink

Diplomates participating in CertLink will be:

• Asked 13 questions per quarter, for a total of 52 questions per year.  Diplomates will receive a mix of article- and image-based questions and may use written references and online resources while answering them. To receive full credit, diplomates must answer their 13 questions before the end of each quarter.

• Asked follow-up ‘clone questions’ based on questions answered incorrectly during the previous quarter. Clone questions will repeat the concepts covered in questions answered incorrectly. If diplomates answer clone questions correctly, their previous incorrect answer will be eliminated. Clone questions are in addition to the standard 13 questions per segment.

• Permitted to take one quarter off per year without penalty, using the “Time Off” feature. If a diplomate opts not to take a quarter off, his/her lowest scoring quarter during that year will be thrown out.

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ABD Diplomates not already enrolled in CertLink may sign up now through November 15 to begin taking questions in 2022.

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