CertLink Enrollment Open for July 2020 Segment

ABD CertLink® Enrollment Open for July 2020 Segment

Diplomates not yet enrolled in CertLink (the new alternative to the continuing certification (MOC) Exam) are invited to join the next segment, which opens July 1, 2020. Interested diplomates can complete the simple enrollment form any time between April 1 – May 15 and will receive additional details about the upcoming July 1 launch.

Enrollment Instructions
Enter your ABDerm.org username and password
Click ‘Diplomates’ at the top of the page
Select ‘CertLink’ from the right margin menu
Select ‘CertLink Enrollment’
Click ‘Enroll for July 1, 2020 Segment’
Complete the enrollment form and click SUBMIT
--> You will receive an enrollment confirmation via email. 

About CertLink
CertLink provides an alternative to the exam component of ABD’s continuing certification program.

CertLink delivers small batches of questions at periodic intervals to assess diplomates’ clinical knowledge—with the aim of filling gaps in diplomates’ knowledge through real-time feedback.

CertLink’s longitudinal approach allows physicians to spend a few hours each segment answering questions at their convenience.

Beginning with diplomates scheduled to take their recertification exam in 2020, participation in CertLink replaces the exam requirement as long as CertLink participation and performance standards are met.

To learn more about the CertLink implementation timeline, and requirements for participation and performance, visit our participation overview and timeline.

Participating in CertLink
Diplomates participating in CertLink will be:

* Asked 13 questions per quarter, for a total of 52 questions per year.^ Diplomates will receive a mix of article- and image-based questions and may use written references and online resources while answering them. To receive full credit, diplomates must answer their 13 questions before the end of each segment.

Due to the upheaval caused by COVID-19, the ABD reduced the CertLink question load for 2020. Diplomates enrolling in the segment starting July 1 will receive just 13 questions, which must be answered by December 31, 2020. Starting in January 2021, CertLink will revert to the traditional quarterly distribution of 13 questions, for a total of 52 questions per year.

* Asked follow-up ‘clone questions’ based on questions answered incorrectly during the previous quarter. Clone questions will be similar in concept and wording to incorrectly answered questions. If diplomates answer clone questions correctly, their previous incorrect answer will be eliminated. Clone questions are in addition to the standard 13 questions per segment.

* Permitted to take one quarter off per year without penalty, using the “Time Off” feature. If a diplomate opts not to take a quarter off, his/her lowest scoring quarter during that year will be thrown out.

The ABD staff is available to address your questions about CertLink and how to enroll. Contact us via phone (617.910.6400 x 6) or email (certlink@abderm.org).








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