CertLink 2.0 is coming in October

CERTLINK 2.0 is coming in October

CertLink®, the American Board of Dermatology’s (ABD) computer-based longitudinal assessment of knowledge for continuing board certification, is adding user-inspired features to make the platform even easier and more intuitive to work with. 

In case you missed the news, the ABD is replacing its high-stakes maintenance of certification exam with a new platform, designed to encourage life-long learning. Participating diplomates go online to a secure portal and answer 13 questions every 3 months. The process is both educational and evaluative. Written references and online resources may be used while answering the questions (users have 10 minutes to answer each question). Immediate feedback is provided -- no more wondering what questions you got right or wrong. Once a question is answered, the diplomate gets a rationale for the correct answer, which helps facilitate learning. (More details are available on our website, especially in the CertLink Frequently Asked Questions.)

  Screenshot Cert Link Box 

In the 4th quarter, the ABD will launch the upgraded platform, which will include these enhancements:

Logging in 

FAQs, Support, and Readiness system check available on the upper right menu at any time throughout the platform. 

Unread notifications will be presented upon logging in and are available anytime through the Messages icon in the upper right menu. 


Separate cards on your dashboard for your performance (the percentage of questions answered correctly) and your progress (percentage of total questions that have been answered).

Your performance card provides additional details about how your score is calculated. See the dashboard description under "Getting Started" in the FAQs on your login page for more information.

Answering Questions 

Improved user experience when answering questions: 

  • A button next to each option and a new strike-out icon make answer selection more intuitive.
  • If an option is selected but you don't submit your answer before the time runs out, the selected option will be automatically submitted as your answer.  Note: A question will still be scored incorrect if a selection is not made before the 10 minutes expire.
  • Highlighting is now automatic when you select text in the question. 
  • Refreshing the browser page while answering a question will no longer automatically score the question incorrect.

Please note: there will be a break between the last day of the third quarter (9/30/2021) and when new questions are released (10/18/2021). Once the platform has been upgraded you will receive an email letting you know new questions are available. You will need to reset your password for security purposes.


































CertLink® is adding user-inspired features to make the platform even easier and more intuitive to work with.

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