Remote Proctoring for MOC Exam

The American Board of Dermatology is pleased to offer a Remote Proctoring solution for diplomates who prefer to take the MOC Exam in their home or office.  

Taking the exam in this manner requires the following computer components:
Broadband internet access
2. A webcam + microphone

When logging on to take the exam, candidates will:
Show a photo ID to the camera.
2. Perform a scan of the room with the webcam, to demonstrate compliance with exam guidelines (i.e. no notes, text books, electronic devices).
3. Use the web cam to capture a self-portrait photograph, to confirm identity.

For the duration of the exam:
The webcam and microphone records candidate activity. A desktop recorder captures activity on the computer, such as windows opened and keystrokes entered.

How to register for Remote Proctoring:
After your application for the upcoming MOC Exam has been received and approved in the ABD office, all candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for signing up for Remote Proctoring. Candidates for the Spring exam (April - May) can expect instructions in March. Candidates for the Fall exam (September - October) can expect instructions in August. 

The process of securing one of the ABD's Remote Proctoring slots entails:
1. Reading our Remote Proctoring Exam Guidelines to confirm you can comply. 
2. Confirming the suitability of your computer for use with Remote Proctor, by taking a quick 1-question Practice Exam. This short test mimics the process you will follow on exam day. The results of the Practice Exam are NOT retained, so the questions do not count. We simply want to expose you to the process. Also, we do not retain or review the audio/video footage from the Practice Exam.




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