What's New in MOC?

Throughout 2015 and 2016, the American Board of Dermatology completed a number of initiatives, and currently has several ongoing initiatives, to make the dermatology MOC program more valuable, less costly and administratively simple for you, our diplomates. Below are some of these initiatives. 

Communication and Feedback

Comprehensively updated the ABD website

Established an interface between the AAD Transcript Program and and the ABD MOC Table to allow seamless transfer of MOC credits

Issued more frequent communications with diplomates and major dermatology organizations using a variety of formats

MOC Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment (Part 2)

Expanded Self-Assessment (SA) credit for a variety of existing activities 

Simplified the Patient Safety requirement 

Created more opportunities for diplomates to receive simultaneous credit for several different MOC requirements upon completion of a single activity 

MOC Examination (Part 3)

Surveyed our diplomates about optimizing the MOC Examination experience

Offer the MOC examination through remote proctoring at home or in the office, in addition to the option of taking the exam at a test center

Offer the MOC exam in a two-month window twice yearly

Developing a longitudinal assessment as an alternative to the traditional MOC exam (pilot scheduled for 2019, launch tentatively scheduled for 2020)

MOC Practice Improvement (Part 4)

Developed more than 40 focused Practice Improvement modules  that are simpler to complete and cover a wide range of topics to accommodate different practice types

Eliminated the requirement for Patient and Peer Surveys

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Our Mission

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