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An in-training examination is administered online annually to dermatology residents.  The intent of the ITE is to identify knowledge-based strengths and weaknesses in both the training program and the residents in a non-punitive manner.  Although participation in the in-training examination program is voluntary, most training programs participate annually because both training directors and residents find the ITE to be a valuable educational experience.  The format of the ITE includes only the types of multiple-choice questions that appear on the certifying examination: i.e., one best answer, matching, and identification of images.

The examination is a 4-hour proctored online examination.

In 2016, the In-Training Examination will be given on Thursday, February 18 in US and Canadian dermatology training programs, and on Monday, February 22 in osteopathic and overseas international dermatology training programs. Information will be emailed to training programs in the fall and the deadline for registering online is November 15. The fee is $100 for US allopathic and Canadian residents, and $150 for US osteopathic residents, international dermatology residents, and all others. For more information, call the Board office at 313-874-1089.