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The Directors of the Board serve without compensation. Fees are based on the actual expenses incurred in administration of the Board office and related activities, and on the costs of development and administration of the Board examinations.

All fees are payable when the application for an examination is submitted and are applied to the first examination of that type given after approval of the application.

In-Training Examination (deadline Nov. 15):  
          US/Canadian residents
          All others
Certifying Examination in Dermatology/Re-Examination (deadline Mar. 1): $2,500.00
MOC/Recertification Examination (deadline Nov. 1):
(The fee is not required if the candidate is active and up to date in MOC.)
Initial Dermatopathology Subcertification Examination (deadline May 15): $1,800.00
Recertification of Dermatopathology Subcertification Examination (deadline Nov. 1) $450.00
Initial Pediatric Dermatology Subcertification Examination (deadline Apr. 1): $1,600.00
Recertification of Pediatric Dermatology Subcertification Examination (deadline Nov. 1): $450.00
MOC Annual Fee (deadline Dec. 31): $150.00
Other Fees:
Rescoring of an examination (Call the ABD office for details): $35.00
Request for verification of certification (Within 30 days after release of exam results): $35.00
Checks returned for insufficient funds: $35.00
Replacement certificate: $75.00

All checks are to be made payable to The American Board of Dermatology, Inc. The Board also accepts credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Contact the Board office for details.

The ABD has a no refund policy. The Board retains an administrative fee of $150.00, and will refund the balance to the candidate only if a candidate's application is disapproved for any examination.

If a candidate withdraws within ten (10) days of an examination or fails to appear for the examination and does not provide verifiable evidence of extenuating circumstances that prevented the candidate from appearing for the examination, the candidate will forfeit their entire examination fee. On reapplying, such candidates will be required to again submit the examination fee in effect at the time of the application. Candidates must notify the Board office in writing regarding all withdrawals from examination. Withdrawals will not be accepted by phone. If a candidate withdraws prior to ten (10) days of the examination, the entire fee will be carried over to the following year for one examination only.

Candidates who do not successfully pass the certifying examination in Dermatology or the subspecialty examinations retain the right to reapply, submit the examination fee in effect at the time of the application, and retake the examination in subsequent years.

Candidates who do not successfully pass the Maintenance of Certification-Dermatology examination, must reapply to retake the examination and submit the examination fee in effect at the time of the application.

For further information concerning Board policy in effect and for the applicable examination fee, write or call the ABD office (313-874-1088).

All correspondence should be sent to:

Thomas D. Horn, M.D.
Executive Director
American Board of Dermatology, Inc.
Henry Ford Health System
1 Ford Place
Detroit, Michigan 48202-3450

Office hours: M-F 8:00 am 4:30 pm Eastern Time
Phone: 313-874-1088
313-872-3221 (FAX)